"Evolution is the Law of Life; Number is the Law of the Universe; Unity is the Law of God."

~ Pythagoras ~

I love Numerology (also known as arithmancy, or incorrectly spelled, arithomancy). It is a way of exploring the universe and world around us, and inside us, by identifying operating patterns and vibrations as represented by numbers/symbols. The more I get into numbers and their numerological and energetic intent, the more I see it reflected everywhere in the world around me. And it's exciting!


Numerology is one of the few fascinating metaphysical subjects that spans not only multiple cultures, but millennia of human history. It is but a piece of the spiritual/metaphysical "pie," marriaging well with tarot and other divinational forms, as well as forming a solid foundation from which any reading can work. A framework upon which astrological application flourishes, we also see the value in numerological understanding as a basis for spiritual law, structure and life in the Universe.


Numerology is often the "missing link" in understanding the various aspects to our incredibly unique, creatively inspired and karmic essence. As one of the central metaphysical sciences that marriages both the right and left brains, both the physical and spiritual worlds, we find that Numbers indicate the core qualities/vibrations of not only who we are, but even who we were.


Not all Numerology is the same in approach, application or interpretation. However, in the majority of numerological methods and interpretations, predictive cycles can be measured through using the base numbers of 1-9. All numbers can eventually be boiled down to these nine basic vibrations, and then condensed no more. Each base number contains unique qualities that complete a whole when all nine are present, with each resonating to a unique "vibration."


To understand the basis of a metaphysical application involving numbers, it's important to recognize the true dual nature of the mathematical symbols we use, as handed down to us by thousands of generations past.


Numbers are actually different from integers. Numbers represent qualities; integers are used to represent quantities, both "real" and perceived. Numbers operate on the spiritual plane, while we use integers for measuring things and even philosophical perceptions on the material plane, i.e. negative numbers, infinite numbers, etc..


The concept of vibrations is nothing unique to our modern age. All things carry a unique vibration. A piece of furniture, the carpet we walk on, the rocks outside, even our sun and (of course) ourselves. We've already measured this scientifically in our modern processes, proving even that the ancient scriptures are indeed correct - the stars (and planets) do indeed "sing," each producing unique vibrations and frequencies of sound. Since most of these vibrations/frequencies/"sounds" are generally unable to be perceived through our physical senses, we've even created machines that can sense resonance for us and interpret it into symbols we can experience and interact with.


Numerology delves into a look at the influences of these vibrations upon us, karmically speaking, for lack of a better term. It is a method for understanding some of the tools we have brought with us to achieve the psychological and spiritual goals we have set for ourselves in this incarnation.


Much numerological interpretation operates from the belief in reincarnation or multiple-incarnation. However, understanding and benefit from numerological information can still be experienced even without a belief in more than primary-incarnation. And numerology can tell us about the energies and vibrations in operation in the world around us, within us and how our activities and vibrations are aligned (or not).


So the next time you look at yourself in the mirror, you might think about the musical chord that your essence indeed not only sings, but the resonance that you truly ARE.


Why have my numerology checked out?

Numerology expands our understanding of ourselves, our lives and our experiences - even our spiritual ones. A central understanding of a person's numbers can expand the understanding behind any type of reading.


It can also help us understand, live and work with the people around us better. Everyone enters this lifetime with a mission to fulfill and lessons to learn, which numerology can identify. And everyone has a vibration, as do all things in our world. Yet sometimes in our lives, we are not aligned properly with the vibrations with which we are spiritually identified and are meant to fulfill. Similar to how a spine might get a bit out of whack. When we are mis-aligned vibrationally, our proper flow is disrupted and life's just not as smooth as it can be. Sometimes we unwittingly end up trying to align ourselves with the vibrations of others, instead of our own true calling. The goal, in looking at one's numerology, is to identify our own personal vibrations and establish a sense of Direction, Understanding of Oneself, and Purpose.

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