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The following is a compilation of teachers who have taught at The Seeker's Round Table, as well as information and websites I recommend. 

The Heretical Numerologst
Julia Chambers

Director and founder of The Seeker's Round Table, Julia is a professional numerologist as well as a 7th generation dowser and student of "The Gift."  A believer in the duality of Life as both spiritual as well as physical, her "Soul-Rooted" approach to numbers is spiritual-philosophical in nature.

In metaphysical circles, Julia is known for her profound readings, public teaching, karmic-style numerology, networking of local teachers/classes, and her spiritual and charity work with children.  Credentials include degrees in theology, music and Liberal Studies  with dual emphasis including psychology, as well as multiple awards in public speaking, music performance and published writing.

Drawing upon a lifetime of leadership accomplishments, writing, public speaking, and study of the music arts, Julia brings a unique and empowering perspective to the world of spirituality, metaphysics and numbers.


Joe Nicols has spent over thirty-six years in the study of palmistry and psychic development.

He founded the Central Texas Parapsychology Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering understanding of psychic phenomena. Joe has been featured in Austin American Statesman, New Mexico's Pueble Time-S, and Austin Business Women's Association magazine. He has appeared on radio and television, and has conducted seminars and workshops in numerous cities throughout the United States and overseas, including Hong Kong and India.

Joe teaches workshops and seminars which include, "Psychic Development," "Psychic Healing," "Palmistry." "Dream and Symbol Interpretations," "Discovering Past Lives," "Reading the Regular Deck of Cards," "Manifest a Better Love Life," "Manifesting a More Fulfilling Career," "Manifesting Financial Abundance," and "Finding and Expressing Your Inner Light, and Protecting Yourself Psychically While You Do It."  He has also trained a number of individuals who are now working as professional psychics.

Joe's book "How To Make A Good Living As A Professional Psychic," is a practical manual on how to build a metaphysical hobby into a part-time or full-time business.

Joe brings a varied personal background to his work, including having been an Army officer and having lived and worked in Australia. He holds a Master of Arts degree in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Texas at Austin, and had six years of clinical experience working in hospital and rehabilitation settings.

Yanie Brewer


Applying her life with Spirit, Yanie Leaha Kyra is an intuitive teacher and healer.  She brings her talents into her journey to assist people in their awareness and soul connection.

As an intuitive, she has the ability to relate with an individual bringing light and focus to their life, present and future.  One of her heartfelt joys is reaching higher dimensions, to bring messages from loved ones or friends, who have passed over.

Reiki, chakra balancing, sound vibrations, and past life regression, are among the methods used in her healing work.  She is also skilled at Holographic Repatterning, which is a process for identifying the negative unconscious beliefs that affect personal growth, and transforming these beliefs to assist you in achieving your potential in all areas of your life.

In group settings, she acts as a facilitator, for meditation awareness and deeper inner personal growth.

Daeryl Holzer

Daeryl's book:  Opening A Window To The Soul: A Guide to Living Beyond the Human Drama

One of today's emerging luminaries, Daeryl has helped countless people to shift their focus from human drama to exalted soul living. With a compassionate heart, wisdom from Spirit and clairvoyant vision, as well as her own experiences of triumph over trauma, she shares her understanding to inspire others.

Through a decade of client work and personal discovery, she has developed an effective healing program to transform fear-based feelings and overcome challenges. Her SoulShift Process embraces the value of the soul perspective, our oneness with Spirit and the power of inspirational visualizations.

lynn Scheurell

Lynn M. Scheurell is an authority on getting dramatic results quickly through intentional innovation, understanding natural rhythms and being accountable for the experience created. Primarily working with entrepreneurs, small business owners and budding global revolutionaries who want to enjoy personal success by their own definition and to change the world through conscious connections, she has helped people break their inertia to step into their true purpose through clarity and focused action.

By definition, a catalyst provokes significant change. People get big results through the infusion of energy, intentional innovation, and focused conscious alignment with authentic life purpose. Capitalizing on nearly 20 years of entrepreneurial and mainstream corporate experience, as well as intense personal development (including innovation and systems thinking, high sensitivity cultivation and metaphysical training), she is a practical visionary, idea generator, soul-driven business mentor and facilitator of positive transformation in key life leverage areas.

Lynn Scheurell teaches entrepreneurs how to live with greater joy by expressing their life purpose through their business. By cultivating and mastering their intuition, they can naturally quantum leap their personal and business growth for powerful transformation.

Download a free e-guide “Own the Wisdom Within: Five Keys to Using Life’s Turning Points for Transformational Success” at


Lamar Irwin, RScP, CSMI is an electrical engineer, an author and speaker, the Silva Method Instructor for the Austin Metroplex to San Antonio and a Licensed Spiritual Coach/Counselor. A native Texan, Lamar brings a multifaceted approach to those ‘How do I live life’ questions.

Lamar is also the local Austin/San Antonio instructor from the Silva Method.  The Silva Method teaches you how to focus, harness and direct your Mind’s attention using the faculties of the genius Mind, visualization and imagination. Successful people in every discipline have excelled at a craft because he or she used more of the potential of their Minds. Business executives and owners who make choices following certain steps in their Minds find that they succeed by tapping into a focused creativity that works at will. Olympian class athletes use these techniques that were developed by a genius Mind in Laredo, Jose Silva. Lamar emphasizes that the first part of the class handles anyone being able to achieve deep ‘daynamic’ level of their Mind with the express intents of releasing negative stress and tuning the Mind to its optimally efficient frequency level, the alpha level.

Candice Oneida

Candice has over 14 years experience working with and teaching the techniques of the Point Horizon Institute. In that time she has given thousands of one-on-one personal sessions (ISIS) and conducted over 30 meditation and ISIS workshops throughout the USA and Australia.

linda drake

Linda is an Intuitive/Medium, channel, teacher and published author of two books, "Reaching Through the Veil to Heal" and "The Secret Pathway to Healing Your Issues."

Through the guidance of the Group Consciousness of Abraham, Linda assist’s people in discovering their soul’s purpose for this lifetime. Abraham’s messages of empowerment provide tools to release negative belief systems and patterns that challenge your life.
Learn how to heal past relationships, freeing you to create the life you desire.

Adrienne Goff
Kaleid-escape Energy Work

With hands likened to soothing, warm heating pads, Adrienne is a hands-on healer, energy channel, and teacher who uses a variety of vibrational remedies and earth tools to assist her clients in activating healing, vitality, and spiritual growth in their lives.

Her resume is a colorful palate of internationally known instructors and eclectic modalities. She earned her Advanced Crystal Healing Certification from Katrina Raphaell, founder of the Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts on Kauai, and author of the Crystal Trilogy.  She also completed a crystal healing course through Gemisphere, founded by Michael Katz (author of Gemstone Energy Medicine).  Adrienne was attuned to the Master level of ARCH directly from the prolific founder, Laurie Grant, and she is also a Reiki Master. She learned much about vibrational healing and tuning forks from Dr. Joseph Crane, author of Teaching the Masters; and she has completed coursework in essential oils and essences. 

Her articles on crystal healing have been featured in Natural Awakenings Magazine, and she offers inspiring courses and lectures in both Reiki and Crystal Healing.  She is also a co-founder of a healing collective, In Gaia's Hands, which offers education, crystal grid meditation series, and spiritual growth experiences through the mineral kingdom and other earth medicines.

Kramer Wetzel

Kramer's Book: Fishing Guide to the Stars

Not many things can explain him but here are a few. Kramer was born and raised in a small town in East Texas. He has degrees in English literature and considers Shakespeare his soulmate. Kramer sometimes thinks he was Shakespeare in a previous lifetime, but that's another story.

After many national and international exploits, he decided to make his home in the heart of Texas, the capital city of Austin. He currently resides by the shores of Town Lake, which is really a fork of the Colorado River, in a modest trailer at Shady Acres Trailer Park less than one linear mile from the State Capitol building (which is taller than the one in Washington). He hopes to add indoor plumbing to his residence in the immediate future. "Yes Kramer, we all have dreams."

Like any good Sagittarius, he has lived a number of lifetimes in this one: motorcycle mechanic, nightclub owner, computer guru and now his current, unparalleled specialty: Fishing Guide to the Stars. From his careful study of mythology to his contemporary journalistic documentation that Texans are descended from a race of Space Aliens, Kramer is a professor of the human condition.



Rev. jewls hanson & cynthia shelton, LCSW

"Brilliant and insightful - I urge all of you to embrace the message in Awakening To Your Creation. Jewls Hanson is to be commended for her thorough understanding of the mystery of our own creations." ~ GW Hardin, New York Times best-selling author of “The Messengers”, “On The Wings of Heaven”, and “Indigo Rising.”

Jewls is a nationally recognized author, master healer, speaker, and channel. She is an ordained minister in spiritual science. She has studied and taught metaphysical science for over 20 years.

Cynthia is a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work. Cynthia has had psychic experiences since early childhood, which has propelled her into a lifetime quest of learning about the energies at work behind the scenes of life. But what serves her and her clients even better than her encyclopedic knowledge, is the guidance she receives from the angelic realm.


Karen is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Shamanic Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and Ordained Minister and has specialized in working with severely traumatized children, adolescents and adults since 1980.

She has combined extensive psychotherapeutic trainings and shamanic practitioner techniques in working with all types of childhood and adult abuse/trauma to integrate Mind, Body, and Soul.


Elaine Ireland

A certified Master Tarot Teacher with over 40 years experience as a practicing psychic, Elaine is well known as a successful and accurate reader for other psychic readers!

Elaine's work has included teaching various levels of Tarot, psychic development, meditation, doing radio and television shows, participating in and producing psychic fairs, lectures and workshops across the nation.

"Over the years I have had the honor of helping families and police departments search for loved ones. There are no words strong enough to express how grateful I am for the opportunity to have helped the clients that have been led to me and my guides for assistance. It is humbling to watch spirit work. Even after so many years of doing this work that I love so much, I feel that I am just getting started.

I look forward to many more years of sharing my energy and the energy of my guides with you."

Cathy Schwanke

Cathy Schwanke is an EFT practitioner and has been practicing EFT for about 4 years.  She has been tapping on anyone who will let her come within arm's length and has witnessed some pretty amazing healings.


Spiritual Life Coach, Suzanne Camin, has been a student of metaphysics since the early '70's. She has been teaching Psychic awareness since 1991.

She has been a favorite speaker at Ithaca College, Cortland College & Cornell University Dorm programs. Her services have been provided at the Stump, Forest Temple & Medium Circles in Lily Dale, NY.

She has taken every opportunity to expand her knowledge and awareness to help provide her clients clear and insightful information.

Sioux Storm & Kandis Hill

Sioux Storm,
an international visionary artist and advanced energetic healer, has been a practitioner and teacher of the healing arts for over 22 years. The great granddaughter of a Lakota Sioux medicine woman, Sioux Storm developed an early interest in alternative healing. She was one of the core founders of the Wellness Arts Network in Corning NY, in 1998, a directory of area practitioners honoring body, mind and spirit.

Sioux's studies have included a Master level in Reiki; Divine Intervention Spontaneous Remission, Intra-dimensional Web Working and Light language with Master Teacher and Healer Rev. Shirley Resler and Starr Fuentes as well as The Quickening Accelerated Conscious Evolution program with Dr. Suzan Rossi. Sioux left corporate America as Graphics Designer/Creative Director, in 2002 to pursue healing and art full time and now appears at holistic health expos across the United States.

Kandis: Watsu Therapist, Reiki Master, Quickening Practitioner, and Divine Intervention Instructor.

Kandis brings a love of water to her work from childhood, and has taught swimming, diving & water work to all ages for over 40 years. After being introduced to Watsu in 1999, she began training and completed certification in early 2000. Class work included instruction with Harold Dull, who developed Watsu. Kandis has a BS Degree in Education, majoring in Physical Education & Health. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist with additional training in myofascial release, neuromuscular re-education and corrective deep tissue work. Other modalities she draws on include: Reflexology, Shiatsu, OrthoBionomy, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Trigger Point Therapy, Therapeutic Touch, Touch for Health, Full Spectrum Healing, Body Talk, Divine Intervention and Spontaneous Remission, & Light Language.

Wenea Elia

Wenea Elia is a certified, professional Feng Shui Consultant, graduate from the Western School of Feng Shui and reiki master/healer.

"As a numerologist, whenever I have a client who could benefit from feng shui help (as the two fields are quite compatible), I always recommend Wenea without hesitation. I know that anyone I send her way will get the best of service and care and I have the utmost of confidence in her skills.

Wenea has a very down to earth, no-nonsense and professional way about her work. And she has the large scope of experience to help anyone I might send, including a wonderful sense of interior design. You want someone who has a keen intuitive sense of energy for that kind of work, whether it's your home or your business, and Wenea has got it. She has a very comfortable and caring way about her, and yet there is no doubt to her leadership qualities and professional flair. She could just as easily be your VP as your Feng Shui designer.

When you're working with Wenea, you know it's not just a bunch of head knowledge and details.  It's confident, hands-on instantaneous energetic transformation as she takes you step by step and teaches you along the way.  She doesn't just talk a feng shui style - she lives, breathes and walks it, with evidence of it every where she goes.  I love how she has real answers to even supposedly the most "impossible" places in need.  Think you have a lost cause?  Then you haven't talked to Wenea.
As a teacher, Wenea is unequaled.  Her classes are thorough and meaty, while remaining accessible to the average lay person.  Her knowledgeable teaching style leaves a student with more actionable understanding than the average book or class.  Whether you want just a little knowledge to change a few things at home, or to get more in-depth into the soul of Feng Shui, Wenea's workshops are certainly the place to be."
Nelda Sheets, CSMI, Editor


Nelda Sheets has over forty-three years experience teaching the Silva Method. She was in the first class that Jose Silva taught to the public in Amarillo, Texas, in 1966, and was the first Instructor ever to be certified to present the Silva Method. She has been involved with Silva Method ever since and is also now the editor of the Silva News Magazine. 

She has experience in various businesses, and she is an award winning professional artist with paintings in international private collections as well as in museum collections in the US.

She taught art to children for many years and used the Silva Method techniques with success in those classes ... this desire to share problem solving techniques with the students triggered a desire to teach the Silva Method to children. Because of an intense shyness and fear of public speaking to adults, teaching adults did not come for a year.

Now Nelda welcomes the opportunity to talk to The Seeker's Round Table about developing creative thinking skills with the Silva Method, especially with our youth in mind. She has taught the Basic Seminar, Graduate Seminar, Relaxation Seminar, Creativity Workshop and Parenting Skills Workshop as well as Instructor Training for the Basic and Graduate and the Mind 2.0 Seminar.

She has taught around the world; such places as Kenya, Australia, Ireland, France, Holland, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, and in many US cities. 

Nelda has been honored by Silva International Inc. with their highest award, the WORLD CUP.

joia jitahidi

Joia's book: Intuitive Management

Joia Jitahidi is founder of The Executive Coach, an executive coaching and organizational development firm, and author of "Intuitive Management," a book featuring four Muses specifically dedicated to supporting the workplace.

Joia has worked with executives and managers from private and public not-for-profit and multi-billion dollar companies nationally and internationally. She has been in private practice since 1979 and has facilitated groups within a learning environment of up to 300 with great success.

In her practice, The Executive Coach, Joia meets with clients one-on-one.

Laura Bridwell

Laura Bridwell is a professional psychic and healer, specializing in Psychometry, the gift of reading the energy of objects to gain information about the past, present and future related to that object.


Shannon Ogg

Shannon Ogg is a powerful channeler and healer based out of Austin, Texas. In addition to channeling his higher self, Shannon channels many different masters and beings of light. Shannon has direct contact with guides, angels, and those beings that work with you in this experience we call life.

For over 10 years Shannon has been a Reiki practitioner and healer. He is thoroughly versed in the Usui and Karuna schools, and has experienced many other modalities of this powerful healing energy. Shannon teaches classes in these different modalities several times a year - please contact him to be placed on the mailing list.

Shannon is a licensed massage therapist. He often combines the massage with healing work based on the guidance given to him by those beings that work with you. Shannon is here to serve God and has the utmost respect and care for his clients.

Chris Kopacz

Chris Kopacz is a gifted psychic/medium as well as a powerful energy worker.  She has become a true channel for spirit, using her gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience to channel messages from loved ones in spirit, angels and spirit guides.  She then incorporates her energy work which brings healing to the mind, body and soul.  She also facilitates and teaches workshops geared especially for those starting out on their spiritual paths.  Her future plans include a healing center which will also incorporate classes and workshops.

A Word from Chris
: "As we are all spiritual beings going through this temporary human experience, it is up to all of us to assist others on their spiritual journey.  God has blessed me with so many gifts to be able to do just that.  And my life’s purpose is to help and teach others how to do that for themselves so that they may do the same.“

Rev. Michael Cloud


  • Martial Arts (Goju-Ryu, Shukokai, Tae Kwon Do, Uechi-Ryu) – 8 years
  • Mantak Chia Taoist Energy Mechanics \ Chi-Nei Tsang - 2 Years
  • Tarot \Spiritual Tarot Training (Assorted Traditional and Spiritual) - 2 years
  • Shamanic Studies - Roy Bauer, 8 Years; Suzanne Day, 4 years
  • Vision Quest - Completed 3 of 5 years
  • Cellular Theta Breathing Training - 1991-1993
  • 1991—Present (A.F.A.A.) Group Exercise Instructor Certification
  • 1993—Present (A.F.A.A.) Personal Trainer Certification
  • 1993—Present (F.R.A.) Resistance Training Certification
  • 1995—Present (F.R.A.) Basic Nutrition Certification
  • Mayan Sun Initiation, Hunbatz Men; - Spring of 1995;Chitchen Itza and other sacred sites
  • Mayan Temple Pilgrimage and Shamanic Study - Summer, 1996 Guatemala, Tikal
  • Blackfoot Sundance, Montana - Summer, 1996
  • Psychic Reading, Intuition Training - November, 1997
  • Essene Psychocybernetics Training – 1997?
  • Drunvalo Malchitzedek Merkabah Breath Training - November, 1998??
  • Red Feather Badge of Courage Malchitzedek Class - October, 1999-February, 2001
  • Transpersonal Relationships Light Body Training – 2000
  • Celestial Light Cellular Repatterning Training\Certification - August, 1999-April, 2000
  • Lakota Sundance, 2000
  • Magnified Healing Training - July 15, 2000
  • (Ascension) Light Activation Training\Certification - 2001
  • Earth Walk Training - 2000 to 2001 (1 year)
  • Residence with Native American Chief, Sweat Lodge Training - 2001
  • Global Karmic Healing Israel Pilgrimage - October, 2001
  • Archea Faith – Archangel Michael Initiation, 2001
  • Goddess Walk Training - 10 to 12 months
  • Goddess Workshop honoring Mother Earth and the Goddess 1-19-02
  • July, 2004 Les Mills Body Training Systems BodyPump Cert.(International)
  • Global Karmic Healing Egypt Pilgrimage – November 2 - 16, 2004, A Journey of Celebration & Initiation – Isis Initiation, Isis Temple, Philae-Egypt
  • March, 2005 Red Feather Fun & Adventure Circles
  • June, 2005 HCD Silver Sneakers Level I Certification
  • July, 2004 Created JoyShops™
  • July, 2005 NAFTA Pilates Certification
  • July, 2005 Created BodyPurify® Total Body Detoxification System\Business
  • August, 2005 LifePurify™ Life creation and reorganization services for starting over!
  • September, 2005 BodyPurify™ Complete Body Purification business officially opened. Body Purification for weight loss, stop smoking and much more!
  • October, 2005 Mother Meera Pilgrimage, Frankfurt, Germany.
  • October, 2005 Hypnosis Certification I.
  • November, 2005 Millionaire Mind Intensive #285947
  • December, 2005 Hypnosis Certification II
  • February, 2006 Hypnosis Certification III
  • March, 2006 Certified Hypnotherapist, International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association Registration Number: 0206-043054
  • March, 2006 MindPurify™ Hypnosis business officially opened. Hypnosis for weight loss, stop smoking, life enhancement, behavior modification and much more!
  • Feb, 2007, Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Level I Certification, Reiki Level II Certification, Reiki Level III Master\Teacher Certification, Advanced Seichim Reiki Level IV Certification
SHuronda Robinson

As a certified Life Mastery Consultant and Coach, Shuronda is dedicated to helping men and women live their dreams. Her desire is to build a powerful alliance with each client’s highest dream so that she can support her clients in living their best life. “I have committed my life to the understanding and practice of the laws that govern the Universe, and I fully recognize that we are unlimited beings with the ability to BE, DO and HAVE exactly what we want,” says Shuronda.

Shuronda owns and operates a community affairs, public relations, and creative design consulting firm, Adisa Communications. Her expertise is in strategic planning, training, research, writing, and media relations.

Certified as a Bleiker Informed Consent Builder and trained facilitator of public meetings and hearings, Shuronda has delivered training for corporations and organizations such as Lenovo, Hispanic MBA Conference, National Society of Black Engineers, and the City of Austin. Her focus is to always help clients solve problems with integrity and meet their project goals within allocated budgets and timeframes.

She is a board member of the Boys & Girls Club of Austin and volunteers for her spiritual community, as well as several charities The mother of 3 boys, Adisa, Alex and Jordan, Shuronda loves to cook, as well as eat. 

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