I loved it!  I'll definitely be back.  ~ Chris W., Austin, TX

 I love this group! Especially the variety of each of the meetings. There's something for everyone!  ~ R. Johnson, Pflugerville, TX

" I had the best time last night. :) " ~ K.K., Cedar Park, TX

 It is so nice to be with people on the same path...enriching!  ~ Jeanie K., Austin, TX

 Spirit Talk with Daeryl was just what I needed. It was inspiring and rewarding at the same time. Daeryl is a sweet loving soul with a wonderful gift. She made sure she left no one out and that human part of her makes her even more special.  ~ Francine C., Austin, TX

 Joe is amazing. At first, I was a bit put off by his pace- he covered a lot of ground and was going kind of fast, but it got me OUT OF MY HEAD and into the experience!! Love this group!   ~ Kay A., Austin, TX

 Loved it, she was right on with everyone from what we felt and she was a great energy.  ~ Michele, Austin, TX

 Fantastic. So inspiring!  ~ Cari, Austin, TX

 Lots of good information; great energy and I liked Wenea's confident approach to things.  ~ Stacy F., Austin, TX

 Linda Drake was enlightening, articulate, profound and very gracious. Linda always brings the right message to those that are listening and a complete delight to hear her insight and Abraham's messages. 
~ R. Hudgins, Austin, TX

 Again, the Seekers Round Table exceeds itself. Jules is wonderful at organizing these meet up groups and has great talent helping us grow. Thanks Jules for all the time you spend on these very successful meet ups. It is greatly appreciated.  ~ F.C., Austin, TX

 Love it.  ~ Kandis Hill, Certified Watsu Instructor, Liberty Hill, TX - www.HeartAndSoulHaven.com

 I found it to be entertaining, informative, and thought-provoking. 
~ S. Ford, Austin, TX

 It was a great meeting. The instructor was really inspiring. 
~ S. Hojat, Austin, TX

 It is so nice to be with people on the same path...enriching! ~ J. Kirby, Austin, TX

 Hi Julia, I really enjoyed the get together.  Everyone was wonderful as well as our instructor and class. ~ Francine C., Austin, TX

 I am very new to it but so far its great! 
~ Annie A., Austin, TX

 As a first time attendee I felt very comfortable with the group. 
~ Nina G., Austin, TX 

 This was my first time and I was impressed with all that Jules puts into this meetup. Because of the length of the drive I may not make it up there often but good for the folks that live North and West to have this close by!~ Tilly, Austin, TX

 I'm never disappointed--always good information and styles of teaching/learning/sharing. Thanks for all you do to make this happen, Julia! ~ Anastasia, Austin, TX

 Seeker's strives to bring the best and latest in metaphysical subjects to its members. 
~ Wenea L. Elia, Certified Feng Shui Consultant and Reiki Master, Dripping Springs, TX - www.Wenea.org

 I have been before and will go again. Ask me why, 512-826-0633.  ~ David Mendonza, Austin, TX - http://iamdavid.org/

“ An incredible experience! ” ~ David J., Round Rock, TX 

Thank you soooo much Arron, Angela and Michael. It was inspiring. Such good energy from you both and from the whole group. Looking very much forward to having a private session with you soon! Thanks again!~ Elizabeth, Saledo, TX 

“ Wonderful presentation. Wenea spoke from her heart and true self.  I especially liked the part on healing and all the procedures some surround it with.... I will be calling Wenea for some intuitive counseling at some point soon. ” ~ Tilly, Austin, TX 

“ Wow, this meeting was jam packed with wonderful information! ” ~ Cathy S., Round Rock, TX 

“ Amazing sacred work. Loved, loved, loved it! ” (Watsu class) ~ J. Kirby, Austin, TX

“ The Seeker's Round Table provides wonderful insight and knowledge, along with meeting some wonderful people! ” ~ Robin H., Austin, TX

It was very educational and we could have continued for hours. There is so much to learn and everyone was great. ~ O. Labor, Austin, TX

“ Interesting information presented very well. ” ~ Rev. Zarchian, Austin, TX
Very informative ~ excellent! Great to meet some folks, too! ~ S. Mandala, Austin, TX 

“ Very informative and Joe is interesting as a speaker.  ~ B. R., Austin, TX....
“ I really thought Joe did a great job of going through the basics. His workshop was very interesting as well as informative. He presented the material in a very clear and concise way.  ~ Yve. M., Austin, TX

" I thought that Chris really cared about each person in the room. " ~ Tracy B.,  Austin, TX

" Yanie Brewer's energy was so clear and pure. You could sense the absolute Love emanating around her. What a joy of a class! Quite a caliber of teachers you seem to have at The Seekers! " ~ J.H., Round Rock, TX