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Sage Mother's Journal

Energetic Observations

Mercury's in retrograde and you can see signs of it everywhere as people begin to panic a bit over holiday plans and end of the year projects, including all those charities who are struggling to meet their deadlines. Didn't you get the memo? Wasn't the ad placed - didn't people know we were collecting donations? Didn't you get the directions? Didn't the shipment come in? Didn't you get the email?

It's been going on for over a week now. Websites have been down. Logins suddenly and strangely don't work. The phone line in our old neighborhood suddenly went inexplicably noisy and nasty the day this retrograde started. Telephone crews have been out multiple times, fixed many parts of the lines and yet the problem is still there. Emails arrive in garbled form or are rejected by ISPs altogether. Better yet, normal emails are identified as spam and visa versa. Which isn't much different than the spoken world really, as people seem to only catch about every other word spoken, forming completely different messages from the original intent. Even the typed/written word, including spelling, is suffering during this time. My heart goes out to everyone with their deadlines, research papers, projects due, college finals, school tests and projects, not to mention all those bills due during this time. Oh, and let's not forget relationships and anniversaries falling during this time either.

What makes it worse is how it falls during holiday preparation weeks this year. Last year it hit us just before and through just after Xmas. But this year it hit us during our usual prep weeks. Next year we get to deal with it during the Thanksgiving holidays. And we won't see it again in the November/December holidays until 2010, though it'll get close in 2009, hitting just after Xmas day. So if the last two Xmas' have seemed extra stressful and weird, perhaps we've more insight as to why. When the spiral of energy within and around us is stepped up already, like it is during special events that are important to us and that we look forward to every year, the energetic "noise" level becomes exponential. Amazing things can happen.

I've also noticed, during this time, a tendency for people to think they've communicated something in written, or spoken form, that they never really did in physical reality. In other words, they thought about it enough to anchor it in their mental memory, but the action didn't carry through physically. It's as if people revert to an inner belief that everyone will get the message via ESP and mind reading. Truly, perhaps if we were masters at telecommunication, mercury's retrograde would not affect us so. But in our technical and electromagnetic world, we are caught.

Of course, the more intense we allow our inner energy and souls to get, the more intense these effects become in our lives. And holidays sure have a way of side-tracking us from our true selves. Or shall I say, we sure have a way of side-tracking ourselves using the holidays as a means.

We can all help smooth out the world around us by remembering the energies at work and letting them flow, while being understanding and patient with the rest of the world that does not understand all this yet. You're guaranteed that next year's energies will be different.  Keep your peace and love at heart and infect your world.

Copyright 2003 - 2008  by Julia Meek Chambers, all rights reserved.